Preoperative Evaluation


Preoperative evaluation helps to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Before your operation, you will be scheduled for a comprehensive assessment.

Preoperative testing, with the exception of X-rays, takes place in on center. Testing includes an electrocardiogram (EKG), blood tests, and measurements of vital signs, such as breathing rate, blood pressure and heartbeat.

In addition to testing, a nurse will review your complete medical history, including medications and prior surgery and anesthesia.

If you have a chronic condition that could complicate surgery, such as coronary disease, asthma or diabetes, a specialized physicians (Cardiology, Pulmonology, etc) may further evaluate you. This physician may recommend additional testing, a change in medications or postoperative care to help you achieve the best surgical outcome.

If you have had a problem with anesthesia in the past or have questions about anesthesia, you may meet with a Department of Anesthesiology staff member.

Being prepared physically and psychologically for surgery can help make your surgery a success. Studies have shown that preoperative evaluation visits lead to less time in the operating room, fewer canceled surgeries and shorter hospital stays.

Preoperative Evaluation


We have more than 20 years of experience guaranteeing a wide coverage in our services, which allows us to satisfy your health care, our highest priority. We also offer you a huge hospital network that covers all our medical plans. We bring to your door the medicine you need in time.


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Women’s health covers all of your sexual and reproductive health needs from puberty until menopause and beyond.


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At Valencia MC offer men’s health services that help you make health and wellness a priority.



Millions of people each year get Botox® and fillers to enhance their appearances by erasing wrinkles or boosting volume where it has diminished.



Valencia MC provides Ultrasound examinations, including specialised cardiac and obstetric and gynaecological procedures.


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IV therapy is a highly effective way to hydrate and restore nutrient balance. At Valencia MC use IV therapy for a variety of nutrition and hydration purposes.


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U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and only a professional can assist you through the process.


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At Valencia Medical Center track your child’s growth and development with physical exams and can evaluate their symptoms when they’re sick.


Preoperative Evaluation

Our team works with surgeons to create quality care procedures before, during and after surgery for each patient.

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We have the best specialists that guarantee a wide coverage in our services, which allow us to satisfy your health care, our highest priority. We also offer you a huge hospital network that covers all our medical plans.

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